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Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine: Welcome to Hogwarts Summer Camp

Muggles you will love this week of camp!  Come and join us as we make some amazing creations that will have you wishing you were a witch or wizard! We will have some fun with clay by making your very own wand!  We will demonstrate different clay techniques to help you along the creative process.  Of course we need to create a sorting had out of clay so that all campers will know what house will be choosing them.  We also will create a fun mug that can hold oodles of noodles or your favorite drink!  Campers can choose from a unicorn, dragon or owl topper to fuse to the top of a bank that we can paint like the face of good old Harry!  Love dragons?  Then you will love crafting your very own dragon egg!  Every camper has a light switch in their house.  We will be designing your very own with us to proudly display!  A board art will be painted on two sides with some fun Harry sayings. 

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Starts: 5/22/2019

Ends: 7/14/2019