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Paper or digital? Paper planners still popular


If anyone has to keep organized in 2016, it is Tanya Herrold.

She's a nursing student, a cheer mom, a new business owner and a volunteer. Though she’s never without her smartphone, Herrold relies on a paper planner to keep track of her incredibly full schedule.

“I really enjoy the visual paper can provide,” said Herrold, of Hamlin. “I do on occasion use my electronic calendar, but I find I am not very successful with the lack of visual cues, even using alarms. It doesn’t really work for me. I enjoy seeing everything all at once and being able to set it up in a way that works for me instead of a preset template on my electronic calendar.”

She’s certainly not alone, said Kristin Asselta, community business development manager at Barnes & Noble in Pittsford Plaza.

“Paper planners are absolutely still a big deal,” Asselta said. “People come in asking for them frequently.”

Everyone has a favorite, from casual paperback planners to more formal leather-bound ones.

“We have weekly planners, monthly planners. Large, purse-size, pocket-size,” said Asselta, who uses a paper planner herself every day. “I use one that has the monthly calendars and then each day broken down.”

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